Is Your Calculator Legal?

This time we are going to consider calculators.


You have your calculator, right?  You use it all the time and you are used to it?

Is this the calculator you will use in your exams?


That’s great, unless…


It’s great to have a trustworthy calculator you are used to when you are sat in your exams.  You don’t want to be trying to learn or remember it’s functions in the exam hall.

Congratulations if you are organised and ready, but don’t stop reading yet…

…because the last thing you want it to have your calculator confiscated in the exam room, and be given a basic replacement.

How could that happen?  Well, there are rules and regulations about calculators in exams


Does your calculator comply?

How do you know if your calculator will be fine?


There are some published rules and regulations that apply in all UK school exams.  These include the restrictions regarding calculators – these rules apply to all school subjects at any level.

You will see from the rules that you certainly can’t use your smartphone’s calculator!


The regulations are shown below:

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The rules are published in this document.



Check It Out

Did you check you calculator yet?  Do it now.


If it complies, that is brilliant news.  You probably already mastered the calculator you will use in your exams.  If not, you have time to get used to using it.

Don’t go changing it near to the exams!

And one more thing… make sure it has a new battery in it in the run up to exams period.


If your calculator doesn’t comply with the regs, don’t despair.  It’s easy to sort out a new one, and they are quite inexpensive these days.  You can get one quickly and with little effort through Amazon for example.

You need to start getting used to that new calculator, so sort it out now.


Check out these great calculators that fulfil the regulations for UK school exams:


















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